A feature to improve photo quality and apply color effects.
Research Objectives
As a coveted AI and machine learning powered solution, Genius is a personal cloud feature that enhances the quality of photos by applying smart filters and adjustments. Quite exploratory and generative at this stage, I needed to work together with stakeholders to strategize the feature positioning through user research.
The series of research objectives first focused on the concept, naming, and fit of sub-features. We were curious to learn about what our user base thought about the Genius feature, and its fit in the personal cloud space.
The next phase upon concept evaluation was to see how usable the photo editing feature was for participants, to uncover opportunities for design improvement and development priorities.
To approach the initial research objectives, I needed to understand the range of experiences, perspectives, and thoughts from a small group of users representative of the target population. A concept test was suitable to answer our questions regarding the conceptual fit and design preferences.
The second portion was to conduct usability tests to see how participants navigate through the flow of choosing photos and using the sub-features to enhance them. This was done in an interview format, where participants completed tasks and reported their feedback.
Findings & Implications
The research results showed that the concept name was memorable but not reflective of its functionality. 'Genius' made participants think of learning apps, not related to photos. The term overall was described as being “catchy” but needing a more relatable term such as “photo genius” or “touch up genius.”
Between Poor and Excellent, the “Genius” name ranked in the middle. With icon version comparisons, the atom icon ranked the highest and the beaker the lowest.
Which sub-features do cloud users expect to have within Genius? Creating collages, placing borders on photos, cropping and resizing, background remover, filtering and smoothing, and GIF creators were desired by the participants.
Impact & Reflection
Concept testing was a valuable way to evaluate the new concept of Genius, which led to deep understandings of cloud user perspectives. Through this method, we were able to evaluate this solution prior to full-scale development and launch, and identify issues and opportunities early in the process.
By identifying customer needs and preferences to inform product design, development, and marketing strategies, we were able to mitigate risk and improve the feature value proposition.

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